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China Guardian Hong Kong 5th Anniversary and 2017 Autumn Auctions total a quarterly high to over HKD 650m


  China Guardian Hong Kong 2017 Auctions

  Achieve HKD 979 million



  China Guardian Hong Kong 5th Anniversary and 2017 Autumn Auctions

  14 sales bring HKD 652.6 million


   2 sales of classic furniture total over HKD 94.14 million.


   7 sales of Chinese porcelain and works of art total HKD 110 million.


   Chinese paintings and calligraphy total HKD 295 million.


   The sale of modern Chinese paintings and calligraphy totals HKD 218.41 million.



  Zhang Daqian's Vajrasattva fetches HKD 34.91 million, which is four times its pre-sale estimate.


   A 7.62 carat extremely rare natural fancy purple-pink VVS2 clarity diamond ring fetches HKD 27.07 million.



China Guardian Hong Kong 5th Anniversary and 2017 Autumn Auctions concluded on Oct 3 with splendid results. The 14 sales encompassing five categories hit a quarterly high to HKD 652.6 million, bringing the company's 2017 auction total to HKD 979 million, the highest ever annual total.


Ms. Hu Yanyan, President of China Guardian (HK) Auctions Co., Ltd, points out: "Celebrating our fifth anniversary in Hong Kong this season, we have been thrilled to stage our auctions at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, which was a brand-new experience for our clients. Many collectors have secured desired new additions to their prized collections after two days of avid bidding, which brought a total of HKD 652.6 million, propelling our 2017 annual total to an impressive HKD 979 million, both the highest in the company's history. My heartfelt thanks go to long-time clients for their enormous support over the years. We are also extremely pleased to see a growing and diverse group of collectors who are new to us, especially those coming from Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. We look forward to the opening of the Guardian Art Centre at 1 Wangfujing Street, Beijing, at the end of the year, which promises to offer an integrated platform for transactions of art in Asia."



  Top 10 transactions on the first day   

Lot 1051

Ming Dynasty

Huanghuali conch-bed with three screens and hoof feet

Price realized: HKD 34,350,000


Lot 786

Zao Wou-Ki


Price realized: HKD 23,150,000


Lot 1020

Early Qing Period

Huanghuali painting table

Price realized: HKD 13,950,000


Lot 785

Zao Wou-ki

16.04.62 (Triptych)

Price realized: HKD 11,650,000


Lot 789

Chu Teh-Chun

Snow Waltz

Price realized: HKD 7,970,000


Lot 638

Fu Baoshi

Waterfall in the Cliffs

Price realized: HKD 7,855,000


Lot 782

Lin Fengmian

Hegemony among Opera Figures

Price realized: HKD 7,625,000

Lot 346

Han Dynasty

An important and finely carved imperial jade ram

Price realized: HKD 7,050,000


Lot 605

Early Warring States Period

A covered bronze water-vessel with loop handle, bird-upon-man legs and interlaced dragon design

Price realized: HKD 6,130,000


Lot 374

Han Dynasty

A very rare white and russet jade brush washer with animal masks

Price realized: HKD 6,015,000



  Top 10 transactions on the second day



Lot 1444

Zhang Daqian


Price realized: HKD 34,910,000


Lot 1504

Li Keran

Sailing Through the Autumn River

Price realized: HKD 33,230,000


Lot 1863

7.62 carat extremely rare natural fancy purple-pink vvs2 clarity diamond, pink diamond and diamond ring

Price realized: HKD 27,070,000


Lot 1179

Yang Wencong

Verdant Mountains

Price realized: HKD 23,150,000


Lot 1585

Wang Mingming

The Story of Lanting

Price realized: HKD 10,902,500


Lot 1503

Li Keran


Price realized: HKD 9,350,000


Lot 1446

Zhang Daqian


Price realized: HKD 7,280,000


Lot 1445

Zhang Daqian

Valley and Cloudy Peaks

Price realized: HKD 6,820,000


Lot 1506

Wu Guanzhong

White Birch on Mt.Changbai

Price realized: HKD 5,900,000


Lot 1831

6.04 carat natural light pink, vs1 clarity diamond, pink diamond and diamond ring

Price realized: HKD 5,664,000